We are here to provide the tools and assistance you need to start your own local floristic surveys. Explore this page to learn what you need to do to become an official member of the North American Mycoflora Project.

Select a Region

You can start work on a mycoflora for a state, county, city, or even your own personal property.

Begin Collecting

Head out into the field and start collecting specimens that you encounter. Photograph each specimen, post them online, and send them to your local herbarium.

Get DNA Sequences

We are working with professional mycological labs to provide a low-cost service so you can get genetic information from the mushrooms you encounter.

Create your Mycoflora

With a network of professional mycologists and citizen scientists from across the continent, we can work together to ensure the knowledge being gained is accessible to everyone.

About the North American Mycoflora Project

The North American Mycoflora Project is a collaboration between professional mycologists and citizen scientists to identify and map the distribution of macrofungi throughout North America. It allows the scientific community to tap into the vast amount of knowledge and data amassed by individuals and mycology clubs, and can provide a new focus for amateur efforts.
Key components of this project include careful documentation and preparation of specimens (vouchering), depositing these specimens in a herbarium, and DNA sequencing to complement the morphological observations that amateur mycologists already use.
Explore the links on this page to learn about the details of the project, and when you are ready to start your own mycoflora, sign up and get started!

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Learn more about documenting mushrooms

Watch this introductory video produced by the Illinois Mycological Society to learn more about the goals of the project and how you can participate. 

"Citizen Science happens when everyone becomes involved, mushroom hunters, volunteers, photographers, students, and scientists. Local mycoflora projects are growing across North America. Together we can build up knowledge on the diversity and distribution of our fungi."

Current Mycoflora Projects

Below you will find several of our highlighted projects. Click the images to learn more about the specifics of the individual efforts.

Donate to the North American Mycoflora Project

Your donation to the North American Mycoflora Project will help to provide DNA sequences for specimens from underserved regions and taxonomic groups. 

Platform Independent

As a part of the North American Mycoflora Project, you will be able to continue to use the observational reporting platform of your choice, provided they offer online electronic data access. Most participants utilize Mushroom Observer or iNaturalist  as their primary data repositories. While you can continue to post images to sites like Facebook and Flickr, they cannot serve as your primary data repository for this project.

Other important data repositories we work with include MyCoPortal, NCBI's GenBank, and MycoMap.

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About North American Mycoflora Project

NAMP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are working towards a single goal - the development of the first comprehensive mycoflora of North America. This project is a consortium of citizen scientists and professional mycologists performing a biological survey of all the macrofungi that occur in North America.

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