WPMC DNA Barcoding Project

WPMC DNA Barcoding Project


Geographic Region:

Western Pennsylvania

Groups Targeted:

All macrofungi


 Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club

Partner Fungarium:

Duke Univ. Fungarium

 Primary Organizer:

Richard Jacob

Contact Information:



Current Progress:

As of November 2017, over 402 vouchers have been collected and over 200 specimens have been sequenced.



Determine "correct" scientific names for local species particularly ones that have recently changed name/moved from European species to US species. Obtain working mycoflora for region and potentially identify new species.


Project link: http://wpamushroomclub.org/education/introduction-dna-barcoding/wpmc-dna-barcoding-project/


21 October 2017



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NAMP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are working towards a single goal - the development of the first comprehensive mycoflora of North America. This project is a consortium of citizen scientists and professional mycologists performing a biological survey of all the macrofungi that occur in North America.

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