Review your Log File

With each set of sequence results that are returned, the project participants will have access to a log file showing any errors that may have occurred during the sequence file upload process. We have an automated upload process which automatically associates sequence records with the original source observation records, the forward and reverse primers, BLAST results, and more. 

Occasionally, there will be issues that must be manually adjusted by the project managers. Your sequencing facility will review your preliminary log file immediately after they upload the sequences to your project. They will make most of the alterations to the files that are necessary and make any comments on additional aspects that project managers may need to complete. These change records and commentary, they will be annotated in the log file with the "-updated" extension to the filename.

The main information you will get from your log file is a list of specimen records that have raw sequence data but no edited or "finished" sequence. These represent tissue samples that were sent off for sequencing, but the results were not able to be compiled into a finished sequence. The most common cause of this is some type of contaminant (usually another fungus) that was also sequenced along with the target sample. This creates a jumbled sequence read that cannot be interpreted properly.

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