Total Registered Projects 

National Projects

NAMA Voucher Collections Project

Project Lead: Andy Wilson
Sponsored by: North American Mycological Assn.

State-level Projects

Colorado Mycoflora Project

Project Lead: Andrew Wilson
Sponsored by: Denver Botanic Gardens and Colorado Mycological Society
Sub-Project: Mushrooms of Telluride

Mycoflora of Indiana

Project lead: Stephen Russell
Sponsored by: The Hoosier Mushroom Society

The Ohio Mycoflora Project

Project lead: Django Grootmyers

Mycoflora of New Jersey

Project Lead: Luke Smithson
Sponsored by: New Jersey Mycological Association

Minnesota MycoFlora

Project Lead: Anna Gerenday
Sponsored by: Minnesota Mycological Society

Mycoflora of Hawaii

Project Lead: Jeff Stallman

Mycoflora of Puerto Rico

Project Lead: Kurt Miller

The Iowa Mycoflora Project

Project Lead: Sarah DeLong-Duhon
Sponsored by: Prairie States Mushroom Club

Mycoflora of Missouri

Project Lead: Madeleine & Linda Tucker
Sponsored by: Missouri Mycological Society

Mycoflora of Pennsylvania

Project Lead: Terry Delaney
Sponsored by: University of Vermont

Mycoflora of Kentucky

Project Lead: Jack S. Smith

Mycoflora of Florida

Project Lead: Arthur C. Grupe
Sponsored by: Florida Academic Lichen and Fungi Enthusiasts League

Fungi of Vermont

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Regional Projects

Mycoflora of Central Arkansas

Project Lead: Jay Justice
Region: Perry, Pulaski, Saline, and Faulkner counties

Northeast Georgia Mycoflora Project

Project Lead: Bill Sheehan

Region: Walton, Barrow, Jackson, Madison, Oglethorpe, Greene, Morgan, Gwinnett, Clarke, and Oconee counties.

WPMC DNA Barcoding Project

Project Lead: Richard Jacob
Sponsored by: Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club
Region: Western 1/3 of Pennsylvania

Mycoflora of Long Island, NY

Project Lead: Joel Horman
Sponsored by: Long Island Mycological Club

Cumberland Plateau (TN) Mycoflora Project

Project Lead: Steve Roberts
Sponsored By: Cumberland Mycological Society

Pioneer Valley Mycoflora

Project lead: Jessica Evans
Sponsored by: Pioneer Valley Mycological Association
Region: The Pioneer Valley region - Hampshire, Hampden, and Franklin counties

Mycoflora of Northern Arizona

Project Lead: Terri Clements
Region: Coconino, Yavapai, Apache, Greenlee and Graham Counties

Mycoflora of Northern Virginia

Project Lead: Jake Murphey
Sponsored by: Murphrooms
Region: Loudoun, Frederick, and Clarke counties.

Mycoflora of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area

Project Lead: Ben Anderson

Mycoflora of Western New York State

Project Lead: Garrett Taylor
Region: From NY-14, west of Syracuse, Elmira to the Pennsylvania and Ontario borders.

Fungi of NYC

Project Lead: Mical Moser
Sponsored by: New York Mycological Society

Kootenay Mycoflora

Project Lead: Tyson Ehlers
Region: Kootenay Region of Southern British Columbia

Southern Blue Ridge Mycoflora Project

Project Lead: Charlotte Caplan
Sponsored by: Asheville Mushroom Club

Mycoflora of Chicago Region

Project Lead: Patrick Leacock
Sponsored by: Illinois Mycological Association
Region: Cook County, IL and adjacent counties

Mycoflora of Upstate New York

Project Lead: Jeff Barnes
Sponsored by: Foothills Fungi Society
Region: Saratoga County between Adirondack,Catskill,and Green Mts

Mycoflora of NC Piedmont

Project Lead: Geoff Balme

Mycoflora of Vashon Island, WA

Project Lead: Julie Jones

South Sound Mycoflora Project

Project Lead: Ellen King Rice
Sponsored by: South Sound Mushroom Club
Region: Pierce, Thurston, Mason, Grays Harbor County, WA

Mycoflora of Greater Rochester, NY Area

Project Lead: Charles Wuertzer
Sponsored by: Rochester Area Mycologcial Association

National Capitol Region Mycoflora

Project Lead: Jared Urchek
Sponsored by: Mycological Association of Washington

Northern Shenandoah Region Mycoflora

Project Lead: Martin Livezey
Sponsored by: Mycological Association of Washington
Region: Shenandoah National Park

Mushrooms of NE PA; Amanitas of Northeast Pennsylvania

Project Lead: David Wasilewski
Sponsored by: Wyoming Valley Mushroom Club

Fungi of California Far North Coast and Coastal Interior

Project Lead: Joann Olson
Sponsored by: Humboldt Bay Mycological Society

Mycoflora of Gunpowder Falls

Project Lead: Ryan Patrick

Mycoflora of the Hudson Valley

Project Lead: Joan Kutcher
Sponsored by: Mid Hudson Mycological Association & Catskill Fungi LLC

Mycoflora of the Driftless Region

Project Lead: Todd Osmundson; Sabrina Aspenson
Sponsored by: UW-L Mycology Club

Mycoflora of the Appalachia Region

Project Lead: John Plischke

Eastern Penn Mycoflora Project

Project lead: Linda Brynan Sears
Sponsored by: Eastern Penn Mushroomers Club

MMHC Mycoflora Project

Project Lead: Huafang Su
Sponsored by: Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club

MntFungi Florida Mycoflora

Project Leader: Nicholas Brassard

Mycoflora of West Michigan

Project Lead: Monica Pittiglio
Sponsored by: Ferris State University Mycology Club

Mycoflora of Southcentral Alaska

Project lead: Kate Mohatt
Sponsored by: Turnagain Arm Mycological Society

Mycoflora Madison College

Project lead: Kitrina Carlson

Mycoflora of Florida's First Coast

Project lead: Tiffany Bright
Sponsored by: First Coast Explorers

Mushrooms of the Sky Islands

Project lead: Christian Schwarz

Northern Colorado Fungi

Project lead: James Holman

Urban Mycology

Project lead: Oluna Ceska
Sponsored by: SVIMS - South Vancouver Island Mycological Society

Mycoflora of Southern Pennsylvania

Project lead: Tugrul DeLuce
Sponsored by: Chester County Mycological Association

County-level Projects

Santa Cruz Mycoflora Project

Primary Organizer - Christian Schwarz

Mycoflora of Frederick and Washington County Maryland

Project Lead: James McCullough

Macrofungi of Lane County, OR

Project Lead: Bitty Roy
Sponsored by: Cascade Mycological Society

Mycoflora of Sonoma County

Project Lead: Kingman Bond-Graham
Sponsored by: Sonoma County Mycological Association

Spring Mycoflora of Gunnison County

Project lead: Amy Honan
Region: Gunnison County, Colorado

Mycoflora of Santa Cruz County, AZ

Project Lead: Travis Gerckens

Mycoflora of Alameda County

Project lead: Theresa Halula
Sponsored by/: Counter Culture Labs

Macrofungi of Miami-Dade County

Project lead: Alan Franck

Mycoflora of Kitsap County and Environs

Project lead: Brian McNett
Sponsored by: Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society

Natural Area Projects

Bridle Trails Fungal Study

Project Lead: Daniel Winkler
Sponsored by: Puget Sound Mycological Society
Area: Bridle Trails State Park, Kirkland, WA

MAW Sequanota

Project Lead: Bruce Boyer
Sponsored by: Mycological Association of Washington
Region: Laurel Highlands, PA

Observatory Hill Macrofungi Survey

Project Lead: Oluna and Adolf Ceska

Congaree National Park

Project Lead: Meredith Blackwell

Boston Harbor Islands Fungal Inventory

Project leader: Danny Haelewaters
Sponsored by: National Park Service-Boston, Boston Harbor Now and the New England Botanical Club

Tongass National Forest Mycoflora

Project lead: Nat Casipit

UW-Madison Arboretum Mycoflora

Project lead: Alden Dirks
Sponsored by: Madison Mycological Society

Mycoflora of Coronado National ForestFeature Box

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Organization-based Projects

Mycoflora @ VSU

Project Lead: Emily Cantonwine
Organization: Valdosta State University
Region: Mostly Brooks and Lowndes County, GA, but field trip sites outside of these counties will also be included

2018 Radical Mycology Convergence Mycoflora

Project lead: Peter McCoy
Sponsored by: Radical Mycology

Foray-based Projects

NEMF Annual Foray

Project lead: Stephen Russell
Forays included: 2017 - Stratton, VT; 2018 - Geneseo, NY

Oconee State Park Foray Mycoflora

Project lead: Bill Sheehan
Sponsored by: Mushroom Club of Georgia, Asheville Mushroom Club, SCUMS

Taxa-focused Projects

PNW Cortinarius Study

Project Lead: Shannon Adams
Target Region: Pacific Northwest
Target Group: Cortinarius

Amanita - Amanitaceae.org

Primary Organizer - Rod Tulloss


Primary Organizer - Henry Beker

Olympic Polypores

Project Lead: Regina Johnson
Sponsored by: South Sound Mushroom Club

Hygrophoraceae of Lower Puget Sound

Project Lead: Steve Ness
Sponsored by: SSMC
Region: Thurston and Mason counties

Saproxylic fungi of East Coast of US

Project Lead: Maria Shumskaya
Region: Primarily New Jersey

A Mycoflora of Western Amanitas

Project Lead: Debbie Viess
Sponsored by: Bay Area Mycological Society

Inocybe of Quebec

Project Lead: Claude Kaufholtz-Couture

Poroid and Crust Fungi of North America

Project Lead: Chael Thomas

Russula of North America

Project Lead: Tavis Lynch

Russula of North America - Online

Project Lead: David Daniel
Online-based Project: Russula of North America

Corticioid Fungi of Wisconsin

Project Lead: Alden Dirks

Boletales/Boletaceae of the NEMF Foray

Project Lead: Igor Safonov
Sponsored by: Northeast Bolete Consortium

Dye Mushrooms of North America

Project Lead: Alissa Allen
Sponsored by: Mycopigments
Online-based Project: Mushroom and Lichen Dyers United

Microfungi of Florida

Project Lead: Hector Urbina
Sponsored by: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Mycoflora of Rhode Island (Amanita)

Project Lead: Spike Mikulski

Bankeraceae of North America

Project Lead: Noah Siegel

Crusts & Polypores of Western Pennsylvania

Project lead: Judy Mackenroth

Mycoflora of Southern Oregon (and western NA)

Project lead: Jonathan Frank

About North American Mycoflora Project

NAMP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are working towards a single goal - the development of the first comprehensive mycoflora of North America. This project is a consortium of citizen scientists and professional mycologists performing a biological survey of all the macrofungi that occur in North America.

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