Colorado Mycoflora Project

Colorado Mycoflora Project

Geographic Region:

Colorado and the Southern Rockies

Groups Targeted:

All macrofungi


 Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi

Denver Botanic Gardens

Partnering Club:

The Colorado Mycological Society

 Primary Organizer:

Andrew Wilson

Contact Information:



Current Progress:

The Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi has over 18,000 collections of macrofungi, 80% of which represent taxa native to Colorado. DNA sequencing efforts are currently underway, beginning with the vouchered collections from “Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region” by Vera Evenson.



Create a functional mycoflora of Colorado macrofungi for the conservation and preservation of Rocky Mountain forests by the following:

  • Accomplish a 5-year goal of DNA barcoding 1000 native Colorado species of macrofungi.
  • Use ITS sequence data (the barcode for fungi) to compare the “well known” Colorado fungi to the European and other species, whose names are currently being applied.
  • Produce useful taxonomic papers and functional keys for regional fungal species and groups.
  • Train and deploy citizen scientists from the Colorado Mycological Society and participating mushroom clubs to help document the diversity of macrofungi throughout the state and neighboring states connected to the Southern Rockies.
  • Assemble an ITS database of native Colorado fungi to evaluate fungal communities using next generation sequencing methods.

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22 January 2015



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