We Are Currently Not Accepting New Grant Applications

NAMP was launched in 2018 with $40,000 in seed funding to help amateur mycologists learn how to scientifically document, both sure and sequence fungal specimens. We have committed most of those funds to 71 Mycoflora Grants.   

Steve Russell has been doing the sequencing services for NAMP at a greatly reduced rate, and often pro bono. He is now moving on to complete his doctoral work and develop the MycoMap analysis website. What that means is that our cost of sequencing, at least traditional Sanger sequencing, will increase significantly after 2019, which in turn will mean fewer new grants.

NAMP’s mission is to engage citizen scientists across North America to document, voucher and sequence all the macro fungi on the continent.  We are working diligently to explore high-volume, low-cost options so that NAMP can not only sustain our activities but also eventually scale up to achieve our mission. 

There will be a hiatus in Mycoflora Grants while we seek new funding sources, partners and sequencing services, until additional funding is secured. 

New projects can still register here. And Paid sequencing will still be available here.

About North American Mycoflora Project

NAMP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization expanding the continent-wide community of volunteer citizen scientists and professional mycologists who are documenting the distribution and biodiversity of North American mushrooms and fungi.

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