T-shirts, Mugs, Totes and More!


Citizen Scientists discover the Diversity of Fungi -- Mycology and Science win big!

Show your support for Citizen Science and Fungal Biodiversity by owning and enjoying these NAMP logo items. Of course our new Tote Bag is not an approved “collecting vessel,” but it sure looks cool with your mushroom collecting tools and a notebook peeking out. And starting off the day with your favorite hot beverage in a NAMP mug will help stimulate your analytical skills as you determine the species you are collecting for science.

The Trees are Talking” or “Wood Wide Web” design has been donated for NAMP use by The Hiking Artist, Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig.

Get one or two for YOU and some for Family and Myco Friends.

100% of of our profits from our Teespring printer go to NAMP to support our Fungal Biodiversity work.

Shipping is extra.

About North American Mycoflora Project

NAMP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization expanding the continent-wide community of volunteer citizen scientists and professional mycologists who are documenting the distribution and biodiversity of North American mushrooms and fungi.

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