Foray Leaders

Before an event, there are a few things for the organizers to do in preparation. 

Order Numbered Voucher Slips

Your foray will need sequentially numbered voucher slips. These can be purchased in our Supply Shop.

Create an iNaturalist Project

Go to iNaturalist.org. Projects -> Start a New "Traditional" style project.

Fill out Project for your Event

Most field entries are standard, but under "Observations Fields," select "Voucher Specimen Taken" and "Voucher Number(s)."

New iNaturalist Project Types

iNaturalist recently added new "styles" of projects that you can create. These are "Collection" projects and "Umbrella" projects. Unfortunately, neither of these project types allow individuals to submit specific observations to an individual project. They allow the project leader to set temporal and/or geographic boundaries, and all iNaturalist observations that fit the parameters will be included

Fortunately, iNaturalist has not completely killed off "traditional" projects. But they are more difficult to find. When you go to "Create a Project," you have to click the text link towards the bottom of the page, rather than the two primary options that are listed. 

Collector/Identifier Fields for Forays

If a single individual is recording specimens from a larger number of participants, please utilize the "Collector's name" field and the "Identifier" field in your iNaturalist observations. These fields will automatically populate to your specimen voucher packets if they are filled in.

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