Consider your Region of Interest

A mycoflora can be conducted at any scale or across any geographic region - a state, county, city, state parks, city parks, a personal property, etc. If you are interested in starting a local effort, first consider the scale you intend to collect at. The region you select for your project should be representative of the area you intend to cover with your collecting efforts. Please do not start a state-wide project if the majority of your collecting will be performed around a single city or a small block of counties. There is no single recommended scale that is ideal to start a project at - other than one that is representative of the scale of your collecting efforts.

Search Current Projects

Multiple projects across the same region are encouraged, but we ask they be at different geographic scales. As an example, we would discourage two independent projects working towards a mycoflora of Georgia. The individuals/organizations from these two groups should strive to be collaborating on a single project. However, there could be multiple independent projects in Georgia at other geographic scales. There could be a Mycoflora of Georgia, a Mycoflora of Southeast Georgia, of Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, of Charlton County, of the city of Folkston, of Folkston Park, or of 111 Main St. in Folkston. 

If you intend to start a mycoflora for a large region, you should plan on spending as much time organizing collecting efforts for the region as you do actually collecting. This would include organizing physical and online forays, teaching workshops, helping smaller regional projects to get setup, etc. Please try to match the scale you choose with your time and abilities.

Below you will find a map of the current projects that have been registed with the North American Mycoflora Project. If there is already a project covering your area of interest, we ask that you consider collaborating with the existing project or start your own project at a different scale.

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