Analyze your Results on MycoMap.com

If you analyze your DNA Data on MycoMap.com you will have a MycoMap Project Dashboard. On the map that is part of your Dashboard, you can display not only your Project's observations, but also records for all macrofungi (or all Amanitas) collected in your area ever recorded in MyCoPortal (among other filters). 

Review this checklist of the steps you should take after you receive your DNA results.

NOTE: MycoMap.com is an independent web platform (like Mushroom Observer and iNaturalist).
It is owned by the Hoosier Mushroom Society and managed by Stephen Russell (steve@mycomap.com).

What to Expect Back

Learn more about what you will receive from the seqeuncing facility.

Preliminary Data Review

Start off with a preliminary look at your data to verify your results.

Prepare for GenBank Submission from MycoMap.com

Verify your metadata for GenBank submission.

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